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2017-05-27 11:30:07 by StevieHarrisonIII

Good evening good afternoon, wherever your from greetings,My name is stevie Savian harrison the III.Last time I've made a status update on who I am was 16. (I'm CRE8TIVE)I am now 18 years of age and since then I've been learning my craft not inside of the arts but more outside..astronomy to culture geography ..philosophy ...ancient history..archecture..and as I study these different topics I just see that one thing leads to another. As I study outside of my craft the better I understand the the culture the methods the science to the arts...I discovered that curiosity is a art form which lead to innov8tion discoveries inventions and so much more... discovering how the arts and science engineering and other fields go hand and hand... alone this made me a better artist, understanding the reason why you draw something.. I don't just draw anymore I cre8te with purpose...all of this being combined with my goals and made a really big plan and the new things that you'll see will me post will be what I want to do what I want to build for the world... I've learned that you can't just believe in what you want to d.. you have to feel it breath it and become it...I really do hopeful enjoy and learn from my new and ...different innov8tions...anyone can be the start of something new no matter who you are...your future is just as bright as anyone else. Anyone can be the way forward become the way up

Im Cre8tive

2015-09-24 18:51:49 by StevieHarrisonIII

My name is stevie harrisonIII im an Artist and a athelete. its like living a double life but i manage the balance them out pretty well. i love to draw because its really a way i can express myself. i have all sorts of ideas for and a very Cre8tive mind. i can do logos interior designs houses charaters warriors you name it .... im not saying im the best im really not but when i draw i feel like i can just take myself anywhere in the world just have to draw in on the paper and im there. i hope you all enjoy my art thank you!