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Im Cre8tive

2015-09-24 18:51:49 by StevieHarrisonIII

My name is stevie harrisonIII im an Artist and a athelete. its like living a double life but i manage the balance them out pretty well. i love to draw because its really a way i can express myself. i have all sorts of ideas for and a very Cre8tive mind. i can do logos interior designs houses charaters warriors you name it .... im not saying im the best im really not but when i draw i feel like i can just take myself anywhere in the world just have to draw in on the paper and im there. i hope you all enjoy my art thank you!


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2015-09-25 04:27:50

hello stevie, i'm glad you can feel that way especially on this site, its the perfect place to start putting out your art for others to see and notice improvement, hope to see some stuff from ya!

StevieHarrisonIII responds:

thank you lol


2016-02-18 13:39:24

Hey there, a pretty late welcome to NG! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Inspiring stuff so far.

StevieHarrisonIII responds:

Thank so much I hope to learn a lot and hope you all enjoy my art


2016-03-18 05:48:42

About the 'scanned quality' thing, I meant captured via scanner rather than camera, though looking back at that particular work maybe it would've been a bit too big to scan? With scans, the resolution tends to be higher, and focus is on all points of the image rather than just the center, and the light source is distributed evenly as well. Pretty cool with the spotlight effect too though.

StevieHarrisonIII responds:

That's really interesting I hope I come across that one day , but really with all seriousness thank you so much for your input on my work it motivates me and your advice helps me a lot thank you so much.